Take control of your links and display them any way you want on your site
This plugin is used to be able to create a page on your web site that will contain a list of all of the link categories that you have defined inside of the Links section of the WordPress administration, along with all links defined in these categories. The Admin Panel for Link Library allows you to define up to 5 different sets of settings to have pages with lists of links looking quite different from each other. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions or report issues on either of these plugins.

If you find this plugin useful, please donate to help support its development, bug fixes and user support. Feel free to modify the amount from the default that is shown on the form after you click through.

Example Configurations

The Freeware DB and Favorite Podcasts section of this site use Link Library to generate their contents. To help you get similar results, here are snapshots of my configuration for the examples that are available on the site:

Usage Examples

Click here for more usage examples of Link Library.